How do I stop feeling lonely

Apr 16

Headed in opposite directions. For me, it’s like trying to win the race to the other side, as fast as possible. Forgetting is always the easiest approach.

I think I have it under control.

Mar 20

I like The Smith’s and The Monkees right now

Give me some suggestions on other bands similar to them.

Mar 19

In my honest opinion,

I believe we need to start focusing on things that bring humanity closer together. We need to teach compassion, love, and community. Religion and similar ideologies may seem nice, but ultimately they serve as another method to segregate fellow people into categories as opposed to uniting.

No one is born religious, racist, sexist. 

Of course, freedom to believe or to speak your mind is a necessary liberty, but then how can we continue to progress as a species if these primitive thoughts continue to be recycled onto our children?

Mar 18

I’m going to start appreciating people more. As in openly showing it. I realize that I’m a bit shut off, from everyone that loves me. I realize I take it for granted, and that that is selfish. I need to spread around the love.

Also, I’m going to start writing regularly on this as well. Need to open up and use all my channels of expression to get over her, as well as to reflect upon myself. 

Feel free to comment on anything I write. I always appreciate feedback or thoughts!

Mar 18
Mar 18

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I know that school isn’t everything, but whenever I’d see a fellow classmate of mine not go to college to become a beautician, or start a clothing brand, I’d think of what a smarter choice I made. Well obviously it’s a gamble, and the road to higher education is a more stable choice (usually).

Today I was walking to class and reflected back on my thoughts. I hate school, I’m not going to lie. In this moment, I thought, what if they didn’t make a stupid decision? What if they weighed their options and took the gamble, not because of rash thinking but because they were braver than me?

Mar 18
Mar 18

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Going through a breakup makes you grasp for the love that you no longer have. You claw for it, and when you don’t get it you begin to grow even more desperate. It’s almost as if the walls of life are melting all around you.

Relax, and take a deep breath. You’re living life for you, not for her or him. This is a minuscule moment in time compared to your life. You’ll get over it. You’ll find someone else.

You may think that she was great or perfect, but you will always find qualities that you love in any person that you admire. 

Have a good day guys. Don’t forget to smile. Keep your chin up.

Mar 18

If I could drop out of school and still be financially secure, I would. I’d travel the world and try to help those around me. I’d live. What I’m doing isn’t living to my fullest extent. I go to school, I study, I socialize a bit, and go to sleep. Dreadful, huh.

Mar 18